G2Xchange delivers community driven solutions and insight  intended to meet the needs of the busy Federal executive charged with growth.


Team Leader
UX/UI Designer
Giselle Nyguen, Kiana Kady,
Maria Ahmed, Melissa Neira
December 2021 - March 2022
Tools Used
Figma, Miro
Web + Responsive
Team Leader
UX/UI Designer
Giselle Nyguen, Kiana Kady,
Maria Ahmed, Melissa Neira
December 2021 - March 2022
Tools Used
Figma, Miro
Web + Responsive

The world of government contracting (GovCon) has been known to be inaccessible, and complicated for small businesses and newcomers, G2Xchange (G2X) aims to change that by making information easily accessible and providing information for companies to make informed choices. They’ve relied on word-of-mouth marketing to attract users to the site and the site was designed with the assumption that these visitors already knew what G2X offered and why they were better than their competitors.

With new ownership, they wanted to increase product users and make G2X a name everyone in the government contracting space knew about. My team and I were tasked with redesigning the landing page of G2X to better convey the services and benefits of the products, make information easier to find, and make frictionless sign-up and free-trial flows.

Problem SpaceDiscoverySynthesizingDesignUser TestingFinal DesignImpactFinal Thoughts

Problem Space

Customers Don't Know What They're Getting

The site failed to inform people what G2X does and how it’s a benefit to them,  to make information easy to find, and make the sign-up convenient.

Old Homepage for G2X

Old G2Xchange Landing Page

Problem Space

Potential Customers Don't Know What They're Getting

The landing page and consecutive sites failed to inform people what services G2Xchange provides and how it’s a benefit to them.

Old Homepage for G2X

Old G2Xchange Landing Page

G2Xchange Site Flow

Sign-Up Flow Delays Access to the Site and Relies Heavily on the Customer Success Team

The old sign-up process relied heavily on the customer success team and keeps users waiting up to two days before they receive their account information and ability to access the site.

Diagram of G2Xchange's old sign-up flow

Sign-up Flow


Talking to the Customer Success Team

To understand the Customer Success team's role during the sign-up process and their overall interaction with customers I sat down with one of the team members and had them walk me through the process of account creation for new users as well as understanding what their days usually looked like.

I learned that the majority of the accounts created were normally for individual users or corporate accounts that were looking for about 20 seats and under.

Understanding our Audience

Since we were the first design team coming in and none of us had worked in GovCon in any way before the most important thing for us was to understand our users and the different categories they fell into as well as some basics of GovCon.

We did a 2-week research sprint to gather information and develop personas.

Talking to Stakeholders

I started our research by talking to stakeholders to understand what were the important points they really wanted to convey to new users and to learn what they already knew about the current users.

Competitive Analysis

I wanted to understand how other popular GovCon sites spotlighted their features to users and some of the messaging they used.

Talking to Users

I looked to understand how our main user types used the site,  how it has helped them in their day to day duties, and how they looked through sites when looking for a new service.

We were able to create 3 fleshed out personas based off of our research.

What We Learned About Our Users

Need Information Quickly

I looked to understand how our main user types used the site,  how it has helped them in their day to day duties, and how they looked through sites when looking for a new service.

What Interests Them

Our user base informed the decisions on what selling points to push and how to talk about them in a way that is relevant to their duties.

Updated Site Flow

A new site flow was created to create less confusion about the products and services that G2Xchange offers.

Diagram of G2Xchange's new landing page site flow

Project Scope Update

As we wrapped up our research, the stakeholders decided they wanted to include a free trial due to the new landing page putting the original site behind a paywall.

They still wanted people to be able to try out the site and allow the site prove to that a membership was worth the investment.

Wireframes, Mockups, and Iterations

Taking the information learned during our research phase, I applied the findings to my sketches and wireframes, as a team we reviewed at each step and combined ideas that we thought would best align with the research and what our stakeholders wanted.

The team moved through various iterations of the landing page before we landed on two different versions that we could show to stakeholders before taking through user testing.


Although there was a rebrand in the works, we were limited to using the current branding that was provided from the marketing team.

We also had to keep in mind the current users and to avoid deterring them with a completely different site, we designed with them in mind and stuck to a lot of the imagery and design that they were accustom to.

Hi-fi Wireframe

Greyscale wireframe of G2X webpage redesign

Hi-fi Mockup

High fidelity wireframe of G2X webpage redesign

User Testing and Feedback

Before heading into user testing, we talked through our design and the decisions we made with the stakeholders to get feedback from them. We made some minor changes before moving into user testing and held off on bigger changes to see if the user testing pointed out the same things.

During our user testing I was looking to see if:

  • If the value of G2Xchange was conveyed.
  • If the pricing was easy to understand.
  • If the sign-up flow was easy to go through.

What We Learned

Condense Features Section

Users would prefer a condensed version of the features to quickly read through.

Catching Users Attention

Stakeholders wanted to include a section that better defined the value proposition to new users.

Final Design

The final product was a new landing page that lets users know what G2Xchange is all about and how they can help their business  to succeed within the government contracting space.

Final design of G2X homepage

Final Design

We were able to deliver a new landing page, updated information architecture, site flow, and sign up flow that helped:

  • Make it easier to understand what G2Xchange does and the benefits to a users business.
  • Easier to navigate.
  • Takes less time to access the product as a new user.

What We Offer - Quick Glance

Based off of our user testing, we added a new section that quickly and succinctly states what we offer and how it benefits busy professionals.

This was our biggest goal with the redesign.

Value Proposition

Taking the feedback from our stakeholders, we designed this section to catch potential customers attention and give the companies value proposition to users that are undecided.

Screenshot of G2X homepage that shows the two products G2Xchange Health and G2Xchange FedCiv


On the previous site, users had to click into each individual site to learn about G2X Health or FedCiv and what agencies they focus on.  

With the new designs we share exactly what each product is and the agencies they focus on.

Screenshot of G2X homepage that shows detailed offerings of what they offfer

What We Offer - Detailed

A more detailed look into all the services that are offered and how they can help a users company achieve their goals.

Screenshot of G2X homepage that shows reviews


Trusted sources that evangelize the product, how they use it, and how it's benefited them.

Final design of G2X homepage


With the updates to the landing page we were able to:

Increase of Visits and Time on Site

The updated site, increased the amount of unique visitors as well as the length of time people stayed on the site.

Increase Sign-Ups

The updated landing page, the introduction of a 14-day trial, and an updated account sign-up flow led to an increase in customer sign-ups.

Final Thoughts

Leading a Team

This was my first time leading and managing a team, it was a real step outside of my comfort zone.

As a leader my goal for the team was to make sure everyone felt heard and felt comfortable to share their thoughts. It was also important that we were all on the same page and meeting our sprint goals.

Collaborating with Developers Sooner

After we passed off the project, the devs were unable to fully ship the design due to the version of wordpress.

Bringing in the dev team sooner as we thought and designed our interactions would have helped the design team to understand the technical constraints.