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A mobile app that helps novice users learn about their skin and skincare

complexin. aims for users to walk away with an understanding of their skin, products, and terms in order to generate interest in their own skincare routines and reach their skin goals.


UX Designer
10 weeks
Tools Used
Pen & Paper, Figma, Miro
Project Type

A mobile app for those that identify as skincare novices to learn about skincare in a way that is easy to understand and meets them on their level.

This was a fictional project that I did during my time at BrainStation.

For this project I handled every part from user research and synthesizing my findings to creating a user flow and designing screens. I did usability testing and applied changes as well as some branding work to create the look and feelfor complexin.

Problem Space

Current Optics on Skincare

Over the years skincare has been coded as a feminine practice and has made people feel as though it's not for them or that it's something that they shouldn't worry about.

How might we ungender skincare in order to encourage more people to make skincare products part of their daily routines?

Woman getting a skin treatment


Talking to The People

Conducting secondary research I was able to validate my problem space and from my market research I was able to identify the lack of education in the current market.

However my most valuable insights came from my my interviews and survey that targeted self-identified beginners and intermediates between the ages of 24-35 yeas old. Through my survey I was able to recruit people that fit my interview criteria.

Key Insights

Skincare Knowledge.

People want to know about products, how to use them, what products do, and how to create them"How does this benefit me?".

People want to understand how and why using products and having a routine can help themJunk Skincare.

They understand there's a lot of products, some good and some bad, but they want to be able to figure out which ones are worth their money.Basic Explanations.

People want to understand things in "basic" English, they want it broken down in a way that's easy for them to understand.Knowledge Everywhere.

There's a lot of knowledge out there and it's overwhelming. There's no one good place for new learners to find information."Where do I begin?".

People don't know where to start their skincar journey

Pivoting To Move Forward

I realized that my initial assumptions about people not caring about skincare or feeling alienated were wrong. Turned out that the issue had a lot more nuance to that so I decided to pivot and actually address the issues people were having.

How might we help people that identify as novices to learn about skincare and products in a way that's easy to understand?


Understanding It All

Thinking about what I had learned from my interviews, I decided that I had two distinct types of users that had slightly different needs.


Primary Persona


30 years old

“I don’t know where to start, there’s so much information”

He is overwhelmed by the amount of information and hasn’t found a good resource to use

Has a hard time understanding what some skincare lingo is and what it means

The amount of products is also overwhelming to him

Kyle is molded after people who consider themselves to be beginners and have little to no knowledge of skincare and TONS of questions.


Secondary Persona


26 years old

“I want info about my skin issue in an easy way to understand”

She has a hard time finding information about her specific skin issues and has to do a deep dive to find people that look like her and have the same issues

Doesn’t know how to use some of the more advanced products or understand what they do specifically

Has a hard time sorting through all the junk skincare

Jenna is based on people that identify as intermediate and have more knowledge but have more targeted and specific questions

Task Selection + Sketches

Designing For a Better Experience

Focusing on Kyle, I was able to identify opportunities that would alleviate his pain points. In order to build a solution I needed to figure out what exactly Kyle would want to do.

He wants an easy way to learn the ins-and-outs of a product category (ex. moisturizer) so he can better understand how it works and what it does.

Keeping that in mind, I built a task flow around this specific task and sketched potential screen ideas.

Wireframe sketches with notes

User Testing

Moving sketches that I thought would best convey the information on the page for users, they were brought into lo-fi wireframes and tested.

Going through two rounds of user testing of 10 people total, the feedback I recieved helped me to make changes to create a better experiences for people.

Introducing complexin.

Ability to Explore Information

  • Side Scrolling bar up top that is changed daily, allows for exploration of different topics without having to search for them
  • Articles are tailored based on the interests that are chosen through the onboarding process and is continuously curated as articles are favorited in the app

Find Information Easily

  • Quickly find information, whether articles or products, that match the search query

Easy To Understand

  • Favorite feature - to save and review for a later day or a refresher on the topic
  • Suggestions of products that correlate to the topic, making it easy for when you’re out shopping in the world
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Next Steps

Moving forward with this project, I'd like to:

  • Onboarding Flow - building this out allows users to understand how their articles are being chosen.
  • Quiz Flow - quizzes allow for the app to help people identify their skin type or to help them build a routine. The information is saved in order to give suggestions on products and ingredients that would benefit them.
  • Product Pages - pages that gives basic information on the product as well as ingredients and lets users know if it's a good match for them based quiz results or information provided during onboarding.

Final Thoughts

My solution helps to fill an educational gap for those that have been intimated by the skincare space and needed a resource they could turn to for easy to understand information.

Even though I made a pivot in my project, my solution still touches on my initial goal of un-gendering skincare. I made assumptions that people didn’t care when truthfully it’s that people don’t have the information they need to care or understand skincare.

What I Learned

The Importance of a Good Question

Making sure that I was asking good question to get the insights that I needed was difficult, I think there might have been a missed opportunity to get even better insights.

Synthesizing Research

Learning how to take all the information from my interviews and sort through them to understand what people were collectively saying and turning them into bite-size understandable insights.

Applying Feedback

How to better listen to others and understand their point of views and experiences with the app in order to figure out solutions and apply the changes in a meaningful way.