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Illustration of Cara, a black girl with two afro puffs and a slight smile on her face sitting criss cross. She is wearing a black motorcycle jacket, over a turquoise sweater, black pants, and dark green heels. In her lap she has a laptop that has stickers that express her interests (bartending, traveling, and music).
Hi, I'm Cara!

UX/UI Designer



UX/UI Designer

UX/UI designer based in Maryland with an understanding of web development.

Interested in advocating for users through a user-centered design approach.
Currently a freelancer and formerly a UX designer at G2Xchange

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G2Xchange is a B2B company that delivers community driven solutions and insight intended to meet the needs of the busy Federal executive charged with growth.

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Product Design | UX | UI

An app created for people that self-identify as a novice in skincare and want help as they begin their journey into the skincare world.

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Clipboard Health

Design Challenge | UX | UI

Clipboard Health matches healthcare professionals with health facilities and allows professionals to set their own schedules.

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